This Quarter’s Tech Book Recommendations (Q3 2013)

This quarter features two books that act as a pseudo-biography of Google and an addendum to The Innovator’s Dilemma:

  • I’m Feeling Lucky – This book catalogues Douglas Edwards’ experiences as an early Google employee working in marketing. His perspective on the culture and its values — as well as his caricatures of the  founders — are very entertaining.
  • In the Plex – Steven Levy also gives us  a view into the operations of Google, but he takes a more detached, journalistic approach. In my opinion, these two books should be read together as they provide unique perspectives on the same corporate events.
  • The Other Side of Innovation – Everyone has read or at least heard about The Innovator’s Dilemma. Solving the Execution Challenge builds upon the theories presented in the book with a specific focus on getting things done. If you are looking to drive innovation in your organization I would pick up this book to help frame your thoughts and provide insight into how others have accomplished the task.

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