Raspberry Pi's on WirelessI decided to try and get some raspberyPi boards to work together as a mesh network powered by batteries with some friends. The results were successful.

Part 1 – Getting Started
Part 2 – Managed Wireless Networking
Part 3 – Ad-hoc/ Mesh Networking
Part 4 – Internet Access



A coworker gave me a blink(1) to play with. It may be an overpriced LED, but the hardware and software is open source. I use the light to keep track of my servers. The software also supports the Google Analytics API, and Pushover normal and priority notifications. The code is mostly modular so you can pick and choose your functionality.



You can see any additonal code I happen to write or projects I am working on at github.





“Perfect Timing” – A short article by Charles Taliaferro and myself.